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26 dec 2020
0.411 is the stable version.
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13 sep 2020 Back! I decided to remove the sources due to bugs. I hope soon to release a more stable version. 24 jul 2017 Some fixes. Added lock support. Fixed count problems between conto economico and stato patrimoniale, specially with negative count state. Included a sandbox in the archive. Usefull to test double check out off real glftpd service. Main vars are now stored in double_check.h. July 28, 2016 The script tries to port the double entry bookkeeping in the glftpd service. Every user credit will be read and inserted in the balance sheet (stato patrimoniale called in italian language). Be aware, the script can write up every glftpd user credit. Before start the script, set your glftpd directory in the BASE define ( / ) in the c file,then compile it. - [ General Infos ] - Here to you an example, using multiple names and values the help command I coded the util, following the standard italian approach, not the british one. In the source file there are still a lot of italian words, sorry. DEM define In the DEM defined var, you can tell to the script where is the file that includes financial accounts. The syntax used, account_name,SP/CE,d/v,value SP stands for Stato Patrimoniale ( balance sheet ) CE stands for Conto Economico ( income statement ) example in Stato Patrimoniale d for dare ( increse ) a for avere ( decrease )
value, a positive number.
DEM file is called by default with denominazioni name. You can find a copy in the last double_check tar file. TODO translate italian language text, to english. some value in counts can be negative, it has to not happen. avere strings printed also if empty, when reporting with stato argument. Script function still doesn't work (block-chain problems). - [ Download ] - SHA-1 Digest: 6dacb4b57ff62387c9ad420f972523bd47836fd0 | double_check-0.411.tar.gz [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------] Thanks to, double entry team (year 2011/2012) Wizzard86, for really nice monday evening at double entry course. back