Every album needs a single. Every movie needs a set. And every war needs a few miles of land to pointlessly murder each other over. These aren't all the arenas present in Reelism, but they're enough to keep you busy for a good long while...

The Lobby

by The Kinsie

Floating eternally in a blue void, the Lobby is a menu-substitute primarily intended for co-op mode. Here, you and your buddies can relax, change your game mode, talk over what to do next, then step through a gate into your next battlefield. After finishing a game in co-op, you'll automatically be sent back here.

Gutrot Island

by The Kinsie

Welcome to scenic Gutrot! This tiny island was seperated from the mainland by way of brute force, and to this day artillery guns are trained upon it to ensure they don't get any wacky ideas about coming back. A couple of minutes into your visit, you'll quickly figure out why.

The Internet Machine

by The Kinsie

Welcome to the Internet, your one-stop shop for cake recipes, funny cat photos and grotesque pornography... often mixed together in new and traumatizing ways! Watch your step, or you'll fall out of the map and into a bottomless void of failed Kickstarters and illegal software. It's awful all the way down.

Municipal Transpo

by The Shadsy

Attention all commuters... The 5:30 train to Your Warm, Lovely Home has been delayed on account of seething masses of maniacs with guns, swords and fangs running around. It is expected to arrive in Never. Please wait patiently until it arrives... yeah, right. You're not sure about how you're getting home tonight, but there's a bigger question on your mind right now... did you remember to bring a magazine?

Creature of Chaos

by FireSeraphim

Shrouded in mystery and conveniently hidden behind a curtain of clouds, this castle has been driving down Transylvanian property values since 1669. Within these walls, countless atrocities have been enacted upon the living in the name of its dark lord and master: Dracula! Though he's long since passed on, his lair is no less dangerous now than it was in its heyday. Once you step onto these desecrated grounds, prepare to learn the true nature of man and discover a miserable pile of secrets!

Continuum of Discord

by Xaser

Reality has broken down into its core components, and the world has been reduced to a collection of surrealistic fragments in a hellish void. Yet, despite the struggle of merely surviving here, you could swear you've been here at least once before...

Flesh Palace

by PsychosesMan

Abaddon. Gehenna. Tartarus. Xibalba. Frankston. It goes by many names, but the scenery's all been the same since that one home decorator (what was his name? Sandy or something?) swung on by. Take a load off and chill out in the blood pools! Show off your dancing skills in the internal, all-consuming flames! Mix together Edenian and Tarkatan DNA in the state-of-the-art research facility (currently out of order)! Or just, you know, fight for your life. It's your call.


by FireSeraphim


Welcome to the kingdom of Taikutsuna, where riveting conversation like this awaits, whisking you off into a fantastic realm of cardboard characters, spiky haircuts, and extraneous belt buckles! Be sure to visit the marvelous village of Basho, home to the mystic caverns of Fira. Deep within lies the ancient Temple of Fainaru Bosu, long rumored to be home to a terrible beast and his army of evil. The beast was sealed away by an 8-year-old witch 7000 years ago... but the bonds of its prison may be weakening with age.


by The Shadsy

Building only one road into the city was a terrible decision. Making that route a suspension bridge was worse. Even though a major accident nearly blew the whole thing up, traffic's gotta keep moving through the flames and debris so those poor white-collar workers can get home to check their work email again. Look out for angry motorists!

Candy Planet

by FireSeraphim

Cavitus XCVIII has always been regarded as an anomaly by astrologists. Seemingly formed by a cabal of space witches milennia ago, the entire planet mass is made out of candy, chocolate and other such sweets. Exhibitions to this mysterious realm have largely been disappointing, partially due to the seething mass of murderous monsters guarding it, but mostly because it's not even GOOD candy. It's like, you know that stuff churches give out on Halloween stapled to Chick Tracts? Yeah.


by The Shadsy

The Astrolab orbits an alien planet, collecting data for an unknown research experiment. We may never know its purpose, but much like how public parks are catnip for skaters, the suspiciously geometric design of this space station is great for blasting baddies. Maybe that giant glowing column holds the secret of the Astrolab... that would be extremely convenient!

Planet Eioneus

by FireSeraphim

A planet in name only, this cluster of rocks floats hazily through space spewing up volanic dust and hosting the occasional alien invasion. Some scientists claim to have found evidence of intelligent civilizations forming here, but the general consensus seems to be that nothing could live here for a prolonged period of time without either going mad, being eaten by furious space pirates, getting strafed by a passing spacecraft and its children, or just plain getting crushed by a Moai statue.

Grid-Based Combat

by PsychosesMan

Get out your most majestic trenchcoat, and plug your decker keyboard into that weird plug in the base of your spine... it's time to cyberjack into the the Infogrid! You're not entirely sure where you ended up - either the confidential systems of an uncaring megacorp or a private BitTorrent tracker - but either way the security systems have been tripped and the firewall is executing DOGS.EXE with all the cycles it can muster. Get your cyberguns out and fight as cyberhard as you can, because if you die in the Infogrid... you die for real!

Deadly, Simpler

by Beed28 and The Kinsie

Formerly a gateway into a prominent Earth starport, the events of the Hell Wars twisted and distorted it into an arena eternal. Even two decades after the invasion was crushed, and despite attempts to restore it to its former glory, this structure stands scarred as a tribute to the very concept of battle itself. The demons may have long since been vanquished, but the cracking of gunfire echoes through its rings to this very day.

Alien Ship

by Gothic

If you have not watched Aliens, turn to page 2. If you have watched Aliens, turn to page 3.

Page 2
Organic horrors and steel combine in disturbing harmony on this ship overrun with alien life. Will those eggs hatch? What's in the lava? Who is responsible? Darkness and mystery creep around every corner of this cursed vessel from another world.

Page 3
Well, shit.

Reel Stadium

by Shadow Hog, with some visual tweaks by The Kinsie

The ArenaDome hosts the country's greatest athletic teams. The Toledo Leopards. The Schenectady Milkmen. The Rehoboth Fear. Fart United F.C. You know their names. Tonight, they're holding court with Reelism, the first ever bloodsport at a major sports venue. Ticket sales are poor though. As in, nobody showed up. Not even the staff. Just you and the dogs and the skeletons.

Hope got a good deal on their event insurance...

Fort Firestorm

by FireSeraphim and Gothic

"Contra" is a title awarded to the mightiest of soldiers who possess a burning fighting spirit and an expertise in guerrilla warfare... or at least, that's how it used to be. Nowadays, it's rewarded to the most profitable and porny of gambling machines. But let's forget about all that and cast our minds back to the glory days of the Galuga archipelago... a time of waterfall climbing, freaky aliens out of nowhere, and not having a clue what the hell a Gryzor was supposed to be.

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